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As one of only three constitutionally mandated positions in New Jersey, the Office of the County Clerk is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to performing the basic functions of government that serve the people. At a time when faith in our democratic institutions is in crisis, it has never been more important to have a person of character and integrity in the office.

Let’s reimagine and modernize what the office can do.


Making government work has nothing to do with party affiliation. It comes down to implementing the best ideas from the most knowledgeable people. To accomplish that goal, I will:

  • Audit. Ask why things are done the way they are and identify all the inefficient ways of doing “business as usual.”
  • Engage Experts. Seek guidance from outsiders and consult with the best in order to find innovative solutions, technologies, and efficiencies.
  • Reform. Cut red tape and deliver services to the residents of Bergen County faster and smarter.


There are no higher principles in public service than transparency and accountability. It is not enough to say you will do the right thing, you have to demonstrate it as well, clearly and consistently. As your county clerk, I will:

  • Document and report exactly how and where every dime of revenue generated by the office is spent.
  • Commit to reporting publicly, with greater frequency, all key metrics of the work being done at the Clerk’s office.
  • Uncover reckless spending to save taxpayer dollars.


When it comes accessing and using government services, no citizen can be more of a priority than any other. We are equal and equally deserving, especially when it comes to our most fundamental right, the right to vote. Once in office, I will:

  • Administer our elections fairly and honestly, ensuring that every citizen has equal access to the ballot and that every ballot is counted.
  • Build a clerk’s office that is accessible and open to everyone, not just donors and those who feel they are owed favors.

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